Mix Electronics

Mix Electronics was founded in 1991 and soon became one of the largest distributors of electronics, household appliances, IT and a telecoms dealer in Poland. In addition to wholesale, a nationwide network of retail outlets and an online store were built. In 2006, “Rzeczpospolita” classified Mix Electronics as 299 among the largest Polish business entities. In 2008, this time in the “Polityka” ranking, the network was ranked 190th. During the period of the biggest commercial activity, Mix Electronics owned several hundred sales outlets. In 2013 as a result of market changes, the company recorded a decrease in sales and income from its business operations. As a consequence in October 2013 by the request of the management board of Mix Electronics SA, the bankruptcy of the company with the possibility of concluding the arrangement of Mix Electronics SA was declared by the court. Thus, it began over 3 year period of the largest restructuring of the commercial network in Poland. It ended with an agreement with creditors and the conclusion of the arrangement. Subsidiaries of Mix Electronics SA (Mobile Mix sp. z o.o. and Play4Mix sp. z o.o.) until now are partners of the largest telecoms in Poland.

Currently, Mix Electronics SA operates in a completely new industry, i.e. the real-estate market. In Konstancin Jeziorna near Warsaw, it has revitalized and completed the boutique project of 12 apartments “Wille Tercja”, which is currently in the sales phase.

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