MIX GROUP is a team of companies specializing in the construction and real estate services. As a partner of PLAY and T-Mobile in our portfolio, we have a network of showrooms throughout Poland. Part of the GROUP is also MIX Meble sp.z o.o. the owner of a well-known furniture showroom in Krakow. We have also completed a complex of exclusive apartments in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

Why is it worth to trust us?

With over 25 years of experience in the construction and rental of office space field, MIX GROUP is one of the oldest developers in Krakow. To date, the Group has completed projects with a combined area of approx. 50 thousand m2. Currently, the companies within the Group own 7 office buildings with a commercial and service space. MIX Group offers A and B class office buildings. It allows the tenants to grow the company within one facility. It also guarantees an attractive location in various districts of Krakow. In addition, Mix Group is the only developer that offers an eco-friendly, dedicated carpooling system for its tenants. On top of that as the first office developer in Krakow participates in the “Pasieka Kraków” project, placing apiaries on the roofs of its office buildings.

In addition to office projects, Mix Group has realized the investment of exclusive apartments of exceptional quality and standard in Konstancin Jeziorna. Further investments of various characters and locations are planned.

Mix Group investments offer unusual architecture, space functionality, ease of arrangement and solutions meeting the clients’ requirements. Each new investment is developed using modern technology while maintaining the highest safety and ecology standards.

In addition to development projects, as a Play partner MIX GROUP operates a network of showrooms throughout Poland. It also conducts commercial business as part of Mix Meble sp.z o.o. owner of a well-known furniture showroom in Krakow.

MIX Biura

Modern office space in the best locations in Krakow. Discover the extensive range of office space that meets the highest standards.


MIX MEBLE is the largest high-end furniture showroom in Krakow, which offers modern and stylish furnishings for your home and business.

Mix Electronics

Mix Electronics was founded in 1991 and soon became one of the largest distributors of electronics, household appliances, IT and a telecoms dealer in Poland. In addition to wholesale, a nationwide network of retail outlets and an online store were built. In 2006, “Rzeczpospolita” classified Mix Electronics as 299 among the largest Polish business entities. In 2008, this time in the “Polityka” ranking, the network was ranked 190th. During the period of the biggest commercial activity, Mix Electronics owned several hundred sales outlets. In 2013 as a result of market changes, the company recorded a decrease in sales and income from its business operations. As a consequence in October 2013 by the request of the management board of Mix Electronics SA, the bankruptcy of the company with the possibility of concluding the arrangement of Mix Electronics SA was declared by the court. Thus, it began over 3 year period of the largest restructuring of the commercial network in Poland. It ended with an agreement with creditors and the conclusion of the arrangement. Subsidiaries of Mix Electronics SA (Mobile Mix sp. z o.o. and Play4Mix sp. z o.o.) until now are partners of the largest telecoms in Poland.

Currently, Mix Electronics SA operates in a completely new industry, i.e. the real-estate market. In Konstancin Jeziorna near Warsaw, it has revitalized and completed the boutique project of 12 apartments “Wille Tercja”, which is currently in the sales phase.


An exclusive complex of 12 apartments ranging from 150 m2 up to 330 m2


Play4MIX sp.z o.o. initiated its activity in 2010 as a partner of the just developing Play Network. In 2011, the Company received the “Debut of the Year” Award for the effective start and rapid development of its own sales structures. Over the years and the development of the Play Network, the company extended and opened new branches. It currently has 26 branches in nine voivodeships in Poland. One of the largest sales channels through the best Business Advisors in Poland is a great part of the company success. In 2012, Play4MIX received the “Business Advisor of the Year” Award. It confirmed the company creates good conditions and environments to achieve high results.

The Play4MIX sales network includes both own and franchise stores. The company is constantly developing in the B2C and B2B sales channels.


Mix Biura is a company deeply rooted in the tradition of Krakow. For over 20 years we have been building modern Krakow of which as a native of Kraków, I am extremely proud. I’m glad that I can add our brick to the construction of this wonderful, full of history, modern city and in this way become part of its history. Thanks to the daily commitment of many people, not only we are constantly developing, but we also influence the development of others. Together with them, we build a business image of Krakow.

Jacek Hegerle — co-owner of the MIX Biura


Establishing good relationships with our clients is our business priority. The extensive experience provides us greater opportunities in implementing and supporting the development of companies with whom we cooperate.

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